Posted on Apr 10, 2015

April is Drstracted Driving Awareness Month and a great way to observe it is to work to keep your teen driver safe. Demands for our attention in the digital age are constant, and it can be difficult to filter them out. This is particularly true of our youth. But fortunately there's an app for that!

The free app from, available free for the iPhone and Android, helps parent and child work together by setting goals and rewards for good driving. According to their site, this is how it works:

Drive BeeHive allows you to pair with another user as either their Sponsor or Driver. The Sponsor enters a reward and a total # of miles needed for the Driver to reach that reward. Before Driving the driver opens Drive BeeHive and goes on their way. A lock screen will appear on the phone and will count the driver's "Safe Miles". So long as the phone isn't used behind the wheel the driver will earn those miles for that trip - Use the phone and your miles are reset back to zero! Once the Driver reaches their goal, their sponsor will be notified to release their reward.

The Drive BeeHive site is also working on a marketplace to provide free rewards in return for "safe miles" in addition to those offered by the parent. Positive reinforcement goes a long way, and this app is a great way to create it. Get it for your family today and stay safe!

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