As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, expenses continue to go up as income stays the same, drops, or goes away entirely with job loss.  The bills mount up, creditors and debt collectors keep calling and writing to the point where you are afraid to answer the phone or open the mail!  Despite your best efforts, you are now drowning in debts and facing bank levies, wage executions, or worse.

If you are coping with a meltdown of your personal finances in Gloucester, Camden or surrounding counties there are three things I would like you to consider:

1. You have rights. Federal and state laws exist to protect you from creditor harassment.  Creditors often use fear to get your money, and knowledge of your rights can empower you to fight back.

2. You have options. All is not lost and, despite what creditors and debt collectors may tell you, your life will not be over if you don’t pay them in full by the end of the week.  There are ways to get back on your financial feet.

3. You have a future.  There are ways to get back on your feet and rebuild your credit, even if you have filed bankruptcy.  Getting that credit score back up is not as hard as you think!


Advice from Collections Attorney Steve Richardson

First, know your rights.  Peruse this site to learn about:

Second, dispel the fear by knowing what creditors can do to you in an effort to collect.  Get answers to questions like:

Third, find out how to rebuild your future.  Your credit will not be bad forever, but only if you do something about it!  Find out about:

Confidential, Personalized Service for People Dealing with Creditors

You are not alone in the struggle! I have been practicing collection law for over 25 years, and for many of them, I represented creditors.  I know how they think, and I know what they can do.  When you come to me for help, you won't have to tell your story to a variety of legal assistants of unknown experience or competence. I will personally study your file and take care of your case, drawing on my experience in the Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland County courts to protect your rights effectively. I have helped steer countless people back to financial health by:

  • fighting to reduce their debts to a manageable level
  • negotiating affordable repayment plans
  • protecting their assets, or if necessary
  • filing bankruptcy for them.

Don't hesitate: talk to me now and find out for yourself in a no obligation conversation how he can help you. Call today at 856-432-4113 or send an email to discuss your case.


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