Paying for Your Classes With a Class Loan: A Survival Guide to HESAA

Getting Sued by HESAA Because You Can't Pay Your NJ CLASS Student Loan? Learn What to Do to Fix Things!

Are you saddled with a mountain of student loan debt and facing a tough job market? Are you barely scraping by on payments, seeking forbearance or deferment, or watching your loans slip into default?

If so, your situation has likely become incredibly stressful - especially if your parents co-signed on those loans. Dread the thought of facing your family at the next holiday gathering, worried they'll face the consequences of wage garnishments, bank levies, or seized tax refunds?

Don't lose hope - there are solutions available. You need to act quickly, but you don't have to suffer under the weight of neverending student debt.

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Our comprehensive guide, Paying for Your Classes With a Class Loan: A Survival Guide to HESAA outlines the strategies you can utilize to regain control, including:

  • Loan Refinancing. Refinancing allows you to replace your existing student loans with a new loan, often at a lower interest rate. This can reduce your monthly payments and save you money over the life of the loan.
  • Loan Consolidation. Federal student loan consolidation combines multiple federal loans into a single new loan, potentially with a lower interest rate. This simplifies repayment and provides access to alternative repayment plans.
  • Deferments and Forbearances. Deferment and forbearance allow you to temporarily postpone or reduce your monthly federal student loan payments if you're experiencing financial hardship or meet other eligibility criteria.
  • Discharges. In certain circumstances, such as the death or total disability of the student borrower, federal and HESAA loans may be eligible for discharge, meaning the debt is forgiven.
  • Bankruptcy. While student loans are typically not dischargeable in bankruptcy, there are limited circumstances where Woodbury area borrowers may be able to get their HESAA or federal loans discharged.

As an experienced student loan attorney serving the Woodbury area, I'm passionate about empowering local borrowers to understand their rights and options. This free resource provides the crucial information you need to explore the path forward.

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