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Have You Received a Traffic Ticket in New Jersey? Are You Worried About Losing Your License or Going to Jail?

Driving in Gloucester, Camden, or surrounding counties should be like eating or sleeping: something you do because it is necessary and useful. But when a routine ride is suddenly interrupted by blue flashing lights, and you see the police officer approaching in the rear-view mirror, your first question might be: Why me? Immediately followed by: What is it going to cost?

It isn't just your routine that has been burst. Most people in New Jersey would readily pay the ticket and be done with it, accepting that rules are necessary, especially on the road. But the system doesn't work like that. Paying the ticket means you are guilty, which could have serious consequences. Don't make a decision until you speak to an experienced New Jersey traffic court lawyer.

New Jersey Traffic Violations Can Have Stiff Penalties

Today's traffic violations are often unjust and harsh, without any proportion to the committed offense. Let's look at a few examples:
  • We all agree DWI/DUI should be punishable. But if the police did not have probable cause to stop you, your blood alcohol level was below 0.08; the breathalyzer was not functioning or not being operated properly, your physical condition or disabilities led to the intoxication, or any number of defenses, there is no reason why you should risk substantial fines, loss of your license, and possible jail time.
  • You had three speeding tickets in the last two years, and the repeat offender domino effect could possibly lead to huge fines and a serious increase in your insurance premium. But as you drive more than 40,000 miles a year, you have a far better record per mile than most of us. Is the harsh punishment of a disciplined driver just?
  • After the end of your driver's license suspension, you presumed your right to drive had been reinstated, started driving again and got caught. The offense, in this case, is purely administrative but could earn you another 6-month suspension and possibly a jail term.

Steve Richardson Will Fight for Your Rights and Your Future

As a New Jersey attorney with 15 years of experience in the New Jersey traffic courts, I know the ins and outs of the area courts and what you can expect from certain judges and prosecutors. I have helped innumerable clients in moving violation cases like:

  • reckless driving
  • speeding
  • running a stop light
  • driving while suspended
  • driving without insurance
  • leaving the scene of an accident

Having made a mistake doesn't mean your case is lost. Your case is lost if you pay the fine and do not look at the numerous possibilities to control the damage.

A very close look at the various steps of your DWI/DUI arrest, the probable cause for the stop, the documentation for the breathalyzer or the radar unit, the police officer's training, the possibility of a plea bargain, and many other elements influence the case and will create an opening to reduce or eliminate, if not the fine, at least the financial and criminal charges. 

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