A Guide to Driving Legally in New Jersey and Surviving Traffic Court If You Don't

If You've Gotten a Traffic Ticket in New Jersey, You Need This Book

Navigating New Jersey's roads should be as routine as enjoying a meal or drifting off to sleep – necessary, practical, and usually uneventful. However, the moment your peaceful drive is shattered by the piercing blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror, with a police officer steadily advancing towards your vehicle, a whirlwind of questions flood your mind. "Why me?" you wonder as a knot of anxiety tightens in your stomach. Almost instantly, this is followed by the equally worrisome thought: "What will this mistake cost me?"

A Guide to Driving Legally in New Jersey and Surviving Traffic Court If You Don't is your indispensable resource for understanding the nuances of driving in the Garden State. Authored by New Jersey traffic court lawyer Steven Richardson, this book is an absolute must-have for both local drivers and out-of-state motorists navigating all of New Jersey, including Gloucester, Camden, Burlington, Salem, Cumberland and Atlantic Counties and surrounding New Jersey communities, including Woodbury, Colonial Manor, North Woodbury, Woodbury Heights, Deptford, Thorofare, Gloucester City, Washington Township, Blackwood, Brooklawn, Westville, and Pitman.

What You’ll Learn in Our Free New Jersey Traffic Court Guide

In this comprehensive guide, you'll discover vital insights and strategies for dealing with traffic infractions, particularly DUI/DWI charges, which can lead to serious repercussions such as license points, hefty fines, skyrocketing insurance rates, and even license suspension. Our Woodbury, New Jersey traffic court lawyer brings years of experience and legal acumen to the table, offering answers to pressing questions such as:

  • How can you strategically avoid points by pleading to a no-point ticket?
  • What are the implications of a New Jersey ticket for an out-of-state driver?
  • Are there any viable defenses to a drunk driving charge in New Jersey?
  • What consequences do you face if caught driving with a suspended license in New Jersey?
  • Is it advisable to refuse a breathalyzer test?

This free guide serves as a lifeline if you find yourself with a traffic violation and provides tips to help you avoid further tickets. With this guide, you'll have the knowledge to navigate the legal system and mitigate the impact of a traffic offense.

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