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You are probably here because something is happening in your life that is disrupting it and causing you stress. You need information on what you can do about it, and perhaps an experienced person to be your guide through the process.

You might be facing a mountain of debt, considering bankruptcy, and looking for a bankruptcy lawyer. You might be being pursued by a creditor who is threatening to levy on your bank account or garnish your wages, at a loss as to how you will ever pay back your student loans, facing the loss of your home to foreclosure, or looking at the loss of your driver’s license due to a drunk driving DUI charge or other traffic ticket.

You Have Questions

If so, you probably have countless questions on what you can do to solve this crisis you are facing. Questions like:

  • What are my rights?
  • Is there anything I can do to solve this?
  • Do I need a lawyer, or can I handle it myself?

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Your first step should be to check out the information on this website. I have used my knowledge and experience as a New Jersey attorney to put together a variety of articles, FAQs, blog posts, news and other resources for people just like you who need help dealing with a problem in your life.

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