When people ask me what kind of law I practice and who I help, I say that I'm the kind of lawyer you hope you will never need! When I finish handling a matter for a client, I say to them with a smile: "I hope I never see you again!" The sentiment is always shared!

But if you need me, I am there for you to handle a situation in your life that you had hoped you would never have to deal with! I will stand by your side until it is done. This is true if you need to file bankruptcy, make a payment plan with a creditor, expunge your criminal record, help you wih your student loans, or deal with your DUI or other traffic ticket.

Bankruptcy. If you live in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland, or Salem counties, are faced with debts you can't handle any more from credit cards, medical bills, or DMV surcharges, or are threatened with the loss of your car, your home or other assets, then I can help!

Debt Collection. If you are being sued in New Jersey for a debt in excess of $10,000, do not have a garnishment on your wages, realize that you need to take action and are prepared to do so, then I can help!

Expungement. If you are being haunted by a criminal record of arrests and/or convictions in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem or Cumberland County, can't move forward with your life, need to get out from under it and realize that you need to take action, then I can help!

Traffic Tickets/DUI. If you have received a traffic ticket or DUI charge in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem or Cumberland County, realize that you need to have an attorney to represent you, and are ready to take action, then I can help!

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