This episode of Lunch with a Lawyer discussed President Biden's guidelines for discharging federal student loans in bankruptcy. It was held on January 16, 2023, at 12:30pm, via Zoom and I talked about:

  • What the Guidelines Are
  • How They Create Objective Standards for Proving Undue Hardship
  • How You Can Claim This in Your Bankruptcy
  • Whether Bankruptcy is the Right Solution

But with the busy lives we all lead, you may not have been able to attend in person. No problem! Here is the recording of that program for your review. If you are struggling with your federal student loans, you can discover whether you qualify for bankruptcy discharge! If you know someone who is, send them a link to this page.

If you are looking for a solution to your student loan problem and wondering if there is one, then there is a great way to find out for free! Just click here to provide me with all the details on your loans. I will then, for free and with no obligation on your part, look at your situation to see if I can provide you with a way to deal with them. If there isn't one, it didn't cost you anything. If there is, then I will contact you to schedule an analysis session with my office to lay out a plan of action.

If you would also like more information about student loans, you can dowload my free book, I Graduated; Now What? A Guide to Dealing with Your Student Loans.