So you received an Information Subpoena in the mail from a law firm trying to collect on a New Jersey judgment against you that exceeds $10,000. Your first question is probably, what the heck is an Information Subpoena? I suspect the second question is, do I have to fill it out? (The answer is "Yes") But the question you are probably not asking yourself is, do I need a lawyer to help me?

The Wolves Are At the Door!

Nasty things can happen when a judgment is entered against you. You could wake up one morning to discover that your bank account has been frozen (without any warning). You could discover that the creditor wants to garnish your wages and likely end up taking 10% of your gross pay!

An Information Subpoena, though, is a shot across the bow. It is a warning that the creditor is coming after your stuff, and more alarmingly, is making you tell them where your stuff is, so they can take it! You need to pay attention to it right away.

The good news is that it also means they don't know where it is and need you to tell them. As such, you have an opportunity here to work something out that is affordable that will keep the wolves at bay.

A Lawyer Can Help You Make a Good Payment Deal!

Payment on debts of a few thousand dollars are usually fairly affordable and easy to negotiate yourself. But if you owe over $10,000, persuading a creditor's lawyer to take the payment you can afford can be much more difficult. It can be a very intimidating process if you don't have an experienced person by your side.

A lawyer familiar with the collection process and the realistic likelihood of their getting your money "the hard way" can be invaluable to your success in making a deal. He or she can push back against the aggressiveness and get them to realize that what you are offering is the best way of them getting paid.

Sometimes It Pays to Have Someone Do It For You

Yes, lawyers can be expensive, but the cost of having one by your side to help you with this is probably less than you think. Also, you need to compare the cost of hiring a lawyer to the cost of doing nothing. If you waste this opportunity to take action given to you by the Information Subpoena, you could end up

  • unable to pay your bills (including your rent or mortgage) due to your accounts being frozen or
  • having less money in your paycheck for the foreseeable future (with the courts telling you what an "affordable" payment is rather than you)

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

Don't let the creditor's attorney or the courts tell you how much you are going to pay; do that yourself! Act now before it is too late and you turn over control of your money to someone else!

Getting the debt under control will certainly make your life much easier and eliminate the stress. I have helped many people deal with situations like this by negotiating on their behalf. I have represented creditors for many years and am familiar with the collection industry and how it ticks. Put my experience to work for you!

If you are being pursued for a debt in excess of $10,000, agree that you need an attorney to help you, and are ready to take action, then just click this link to schedule a call with me to discuss your case.

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