NJ Collection Lawsuit Video Series

Learn now how creditors sue to collect debt, how to handle debt collectors, how to fight NJ collection lawsuits, and how to deal with wage executions and bank levies!

Being in debt is stressful, no question. Creditors are calling daily, the mail is filled with bills and demand letters, and debt collectors are scaring you with threats of all manner of consequences if you don't pay.

But that climbs to a whole new level when creditors hire a lawyer to sue you!

Now, there is a process server at the door or certified mail that you are afraid to open or sign for. You don't know what this means or if there is anything you can do. You may even ignore it, afraid of what may happen.

But the cost of doing nothing in this situation is just way too high! You could end up unable to pay your bills because your accounts have been frozen or a big bite has been taken out of your paycheck! You need to know what is really going on and what you can do.

That's why I created this three-part video series on how creditors use New Jersey lawsuits to collect debts. In these videos, you will learn:

  • How lawsuits are filed and served on you
  • How you might be able to fight the lawsuit
  • How judgments are entered against you if you do nothing
  • How creditors collect on judgments and how you can fight those efforts

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