A bank levy is one of the most effective collection tools a creditor has in its toolbox. Once they know where you have your money (and they often do because they kept copies of checks you wrote to make past payments), it becomes a matter of timing. Did the levy go in before or after you deposited your paycheck?

You may be worried, but you can often shield at least some of the money in your account from creditors and get the levy released. All you have to do is file an objection.

How Do I Protect My Money from Levy in New Jersey?

Many sources of funds are protected from levy under either New Jersey or federal law. One source is child support! If you receive it by check or direct deposit into your account, and it is levied upon, then you need to object immediately to release it!

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Objecting to the levy in most county courts in New Jersey is a simple matter of filing a form and paying a fee (if you are initiating an objection by motion rather than objecting to the creditor’s motion to release the fund to them).

If you have money for the care of your children tied up in that levy, it is very important that you go ahead with this as soon as possible!

So What Do I Do After I Get the Money Back?

Getting that money released from the levy is only the first step. That creditor is going to continue to come after you until you do something about the debt. Want more information on how to fight back with your creditors? Then download my free book, The Biggest Secrets Your Creditors Don't Want You to Know. Are you a visual learner rather than a reader? Do you enjoy watching YouTube to learn new things? Then check out my 3-part video series on how creditors use lawsuits in New Jersey to collect debts. Just click here for more information on how to get the links! Become empowered and protect your rights!

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