Our New Jersey Debt Relief Lawyer Explains Bank Levies

Once a creditor has a judgment against you, there are several tools at their disposal to collect on it. One of them is a bank levy, where a court officer goes to your bank and requires them to freeze all funds in your accounts up to the full amount of that judgment. There is no requirement for creditors to give you advance notice, so a bank levy can be an unexpected surprise. As a New Jersey debt relief lawyer, I can explain your options if a creditor has a levy on your bank account.

How Creditors Can Levy Your Bank Account

Levying on a bank account is a common tactic used by creditors to collect a debt in New Jersey. This is because it can be highly effective (the asset being levied is liquid) and, depending on the timing of the levy and the balance in the account at the time, often leads to more money being collected at once than a wage execution since there are no limits on how much money can be frozen (other than the amount due the creditor).

The good news is that in order to get the money out of your account, they have to petition the court for permission (called a Motion for Turnover of Funds) and give you ten days to object. Although not many, there are a few defenses that you should look into

If the balance is more than the amount owed, then there are some funds still available. Unfortunately, if the balance is less than the amount owed, all of the money is frozen. This can cause checks to bounce, such as mortgage or car payments, and hamper the use of a debit card.

How to Fight the Bank Levy

You can fight back with my Bank Levy Survival Kit, but even after that fight is over, you will need to deal with that debt. If you want more information on how to fight back against your creditors, then download my free book, The Biggest Secrets Your Creditors Don't Want You to Know. Become empowered and protect your rights.

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