Financial Freedom Podcast Episode 100I started this podcast in January of 2016 with the hope of providing helpful information to folks either after I had assisted them through a difficult financial situation to keep them moving towards a better financial future or to prevent them from having a difficult financial situation in the first place. 

Many of the episodes were solo ones where I would discuss a topic in detail in a short enough period of time that you could listen to the whole thing on your way to work. But I also interviewed local businesspeople to elicit their expertise and show how they could help people in my area. This then grew to experts and authors further flung from my office in Woodbury, but still ones that had some great information for listeners.

Now that I have reached the milestone of 100 episodes I wanted to look back at some of those interviews and provide some highlights from them that will take you down a path from getting on a good financial track yourself through building wealth, and then doing what's necessary to pass success on to your children.

In this episode, you will get a taste of information on:

  • Personal Credit Reports & Scores  (2:01)
  • Negotiating Tax Debt with the IRS  (13:13)
  • Getting the Most from the Sale of Your Home (20:33)
  • Retirement Investing & Financial Planning (25:59)
  • Business Credit and How to Get It  (38:45)
  • Expanding Your Business (49:05)
  • Selling Your Business  (55:53)
  • Saving for Your Children's Education (1:04:34)
  • Choosing the Right School & Thinking Like a Rich Person  (1:13:58)

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