It can be very intimidating to be served with a lawsuit by a creditor here in New Jersey. It is a court document that can have serious consequences. But knowing more about the process and how it works can reduce some of the stress and help you to know what you have to do next. So, here is what is happening when you get that document in the mail or have it handed to you by a court officer.

Filing the Complaint: The Claim to Be Paid

First, the creditor files a document with the cont called a "Complaint." This sets forth the basis for its claim for money due. As New Jersey is a "notice pleadings" state, it is presumed that you know who the creditor is, why it is your creditor, and in general why you owe it money. There are usually not a lot of details given.

This can be a bit confusing when the plaintiff (person or entity suing you) is not the original creditor because the plaintiff is a "factor" and bought the debt from someone else. This may raise some defenses, so if you get a Complaint, and you do not recognize the plaintiff, you should contact the lawyer for the creditor and see who the original debt holder was.

Serving the Complaint

The Complaint is sent to you with another document called a "Summons," which sets forth where the Complaint is to be served upon you and instructions on what you must do if you wish to contest the claim.

This involves a written response (called an "Answer") sent to the court and the Plaintiff within 35 days of your receipt of the Summons and Complaint. If you think you might have a defense, you need to consult with a lawyer right away.

The Summons and Complaint can be served personally or by certified and regular mail. Do not think that not accepting the certified copy will prevent them from serving you; if the regular mail goes through, it is considered served, and the 35 day clock will start ticking.

So What Do I Do?

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