Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can often help a family avoid foreclosure and save their home. New Jersey attorney Steven J. Richardson explains the correlation between foreclosure and bankruptcy in this video clip. Many people are served with a foreclosure action and do not know what to do. BK attorney Steven J. Richardson wants New Jersey residents to know of the state’s mandatory mediation program for homeowners facing foreclosure. You have the right to go through this mediation process to see if you can restructure your loan and save your home. Visit our website at for information on how to request the appropriate forms for the mediation process. Mediation should be attempted prior to bankruptcy, but in most cases it does not work because homeowners are too far behind in their mortgage payments. This is why foreclosure generally leads to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 typically takes three to five years depending on your individual situation. Call a New Jersey BK attorney at the Law Offices of Steven J. Richardson to discuss your bankruptcy at (856) 686-9910.
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