One reason a lot of people in New Jersey end up filing bankruptcy is that they have a large amount of surcharges levied by the Motor Vehicle Commission. Repayment can be difficult, as there is often a demand for a large an unaffordable downpayment. To make matters worse, their driver’s license can end up being suspended!

Bankruptcy can help by allowing for the discharge of the amount owed and the restoration of a suspended license. But what if you no longer live in New Jersey? What if this has followed you to another state and is interfering with you getting a license there? Can you file in your new state of residence or must you file in New Jersey?

The answer is no, you do not have to file the bankruptcy in New Jersey just because you owe surcharges here; you can file in your state of residence. The NJ Motor Vehicle Commission is a creditor like any other and just has to be listed and noticed. Find out more here!

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