Posted on Oct 18, 2011

These days, inflation is affecting everything, including the courts.  For the last several years, those filing bankruptcy in New Jersey would pay a court fee of $299 for a chapter 7 and $274 for a chapter 13.  This increases periodically, which is what is about to happen.  The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) has announced that on September 13, the Judicial Conference of the United States adopted a new court fee schedule  which will become effective November 1, 2011. The new filing fees will be:

  • Chapter 7: $306
  • Chapter 11: $1046
  • Chapter 13: $281

Other fees went up as well, such as the one for adding a creditor ($30 from $26).

People oftentimes delay the decision to file bankruptcy (maybe after Christmas) or do not know when it is time to do so.  This can sometimes cause a problem with issues like means testing, especially where median incomes go down in the interim.

If you are thinking about filing, contact my office right away to schedule a free consultation.  You do not want to risk making a bad situation even worse!




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