50 Cent (Curtis Johnson) is in the news again over his bankruptcy filing. Like other celebrities who went broke (Len Dykstra, Theresa Guidice, "Dance Mom" Abby Lee Miller), he is currently jeopardizing his case by doing things that seem to indicate he is hiding assets or income. In his case, he is using social media in a way that has the judge assigned to his case wondering if he is hiding assets.

I get it; celebrities, like businesses, have a brand, and they have to promote it. Social media can also be essential to this endeavor. 50 Cent is a rapper and needs to maintain it. However, doing that by posting pictures of yourself on Instagram with piles of cash might not be the best of ideas!

Posting Pictures With Your Money Not a Good Idea!

Yes, you heard that right. One picture has him sitting on the floor next to the word "broke" spelled out in $100 bills. The text that accompanied it: "Man this lunch money,I gotta go to work I'm still up, no Sleep at all. NEW MUSIC this week,Off The KANAN tape." Really?

Another has him lying in bed on top of a pile of $100 bills in banded stacks with the comment: " Ok I found my legs, but I can't find nothing to watch on TV. Power season 3 on the way." But these are only two of many more!

How He Got Caught

But in an ultimate example of karma, these posts came to the attention of the judge because his ex-girlfriend  Lastonia Leviston, who won a $7 million sex-tape dispute against him last summer and was the instigation of the bankruptcy filing. Leviston did it because she had not received any payment from that lawsuit.

In response to this, Music Times reports,  his lawyers argued: "By including pictures from [his] social media accounts and implying that [he] is hiding assets...the [three creditors] intentionally ignore that [he] is in the entertainment and promotion business and must maintain his brand and image (or those of the products he is promoting)."

He's "Maintaining His Brand"? Really?

So I'm curious. What brand is he trying to maintain? How does doing that involve being photographed with lots of money? How is that not really stupid if you do it while you are in bankruptcy? If he isn't hiding assets, then whose money is it? Where did it come from? If it is his, why did he take it out of the bank to be photographed with it?

Personally, I think his lawyers are scrambling to put a good face on what their client is doing, so he doesn't end up in jail and/or losing his bankruptcy discharge. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in court, and what Judge Ann Nevins will do.

Your Thoughts?

But what do you think? I am not a rap fan or a young person, so maybe there is something in the culture that I do not understand that would justify all of this. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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