Believe it or not, just because a creditor sues you for a debt like a credit card or a medical bill, it doesn't mean it can prove its case in front of a judge if your New Jersey debt relief lawyer challenges it and takes it to trial. The creditor still has the burden of proof, and sometimes, they don't have the evidence they need to meet it. Why is that?

In these current economic times, creditors often do not sue debtors themselves if the account goes into default. More and more often, they will sell it to a debt buyer (or "factor") at a discount and let them worry about collecting.

Outfits like New Century Financial, Midland Funding, LVNV Funding, or Cavalry Portfolio do this all the time. The problem is, even though the factor bought the debt, they aren't actually the creditor, and this can cause problems under the court rules of evidence.

Why Can't Debt Buyers Produce the Evidence?

Contracts, billing statements, and the like, which are necessary to prove the case, must be verified as genuine and accurate business documents before the court to be accepted. This must be done by a person with "personal knowledge" about those facts. Credit card statements are the exception in New Jersey, as they are accepted on their face. 

But what happens if you file an answer denying that you owe them anything (or at least the balance they claim is due) and you can articulate a specific dispute with the billing statement (e.g., unrecognized or unauthorized charges)? The factor would have to get someone from the original creditor to come to court or sign an affidavit regarding the documents' accuracy.

Many times, however, the factor will not produce a witness at trial, either because they are out of state, the balance is too small to warrant it, or for other reasons. No witness, no case!

Even if they do produce a witness, that person will probably not have the requisite personal knowledge to testify as to the facts necessary to prove their case or lay a proper foundation for the documents necessary to get into evidence (i.e., seen by the judge). This would be fatal for the factor.

So What Do I Do?

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