The outbreak of the Corona Virus and the recent drop in the stock market has a lot of people worried about their retirement investments. What does the current bear market mean for their retirement? Should they stop investing or keep going? Or if they are already retired, will they be okay, or will they have to go back to work?

To answer these questions, I invited back financial planner Michael Karwic to talk about what this means to 20-somethings who have just started investing, 50-somethings who are starting to see retirement on the horizon, and retirees, who are already living on their retirement investments.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How the 2020 market drop happened
  • How to deal with a market drop in your 20s
  • How to deal with a market drop in your 50s
  • How to deal with a market drop when you are already retired


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