Any kind of criminal record here in New Jersey can hold you back when it comes to living a better life, including employment. If you have ever faced these questions on a job application, you know what I mean:

  • Have you ever been arrested?
  • Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

Don't you wish you could just make that conviction and/or arrest go away? Wouldn't you love to be able to answer "no" to these questions?

An Expungement Helps You Answer "No"

Well, that is what expungements are for here in New Jersey, but if you have done any online research on the topic, your head is probably swimming from all of the complex rules and conditions! How do you know if you even qualify? Is it even worth trying?

That is why I created this quiz to help you navigate all of the rules to see if an expungement here in New Jersey can help you. Just answer the questions to the right and see how you do.

Bear in mind, however, that every case is different, and an online quiz can only go so far. If the quiz says no, you should still consult with an attorney and talk to him or her about where the quiz went off the rails.

Don't Wait; Take Action!

If you live in the Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, or Cumberland county area, have decided that you need an expungement, and are ready to take action, then take the quiz to the right and see what it says.

If you want more information on expungements, then check out the links below. After you have taken the quiz, then call my office to schedule an appointment!

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