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Bankruptcy, Collections, Student Loan, DUI and Traffic Court attorney in Woodbury, NJ.
In this bad economic climate, banks are more and more reluctant to lend people money.  This has certainly not helped the real estate market, as people often want to buy a new home (assuming they aren't worried about the stability of their employment) but they can't get approved for a mortgage.  The best thing you can do to keep this from happening to you is to be proactive with your credit history and your credit scores.  This means understanding how credit works, how you can improve yours, and how you can keep from making it worse.

To that end, I have started a series of articles on this subject that will be posted to this site over the next couple of months.  Each one will deal with a particular aspect of consumer credit.  The first one has just been posted, and answers the basic question: "What is my credit score and how is it calculated?"  From there, I will get into other topics, such as how certain events (e.g. bankruptcy) can affect your score to busting myths about all the disinformation out there.  Check back here regularly for new content and comment here about any questions you may have on the subject that you would like to have answered.  Remember, when it comes to credit, fortune favors the prepared!
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