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One of the biggest driving forces behind bankruptcy is divorce. Financial problems lead to marital strife, which leads to divorce. Along the way, bankruptcy needs to be considered. I have mentioned in a prior post that bankruptcy should be considered as part of your overall divorce strategy if there is a lot of marital debt. I have also written several articles and FAQs (and have a free book download) that discuss various bankruptcy/divorce issues.

But now there is a new addition to the compendium of resources that I will be providing to divorcing couples considering bankruptcy: a podcast! Yep, I recently launched the Bankruptcy Strategies in Divorce podcast with Gloucester County, New Jersey, family law attorney Julie Freeman-Burick. Together we will discuss and hash out various issues and strategies that will help you to address debt problems in your divorce.

You can listen to episodes on the web site or through iTunes. The first one is on how bankruptcy can help you in your divorce. Kind of obvious and self-serving, but we thought it would make a good first topic. Each episode will be released towards the end of each month, so the next one will come out just after Christmas.

If you live in southern New Jersey, are getting divorced, and are struggling with high marital debt, this podcast is worth a listen. You can also download my free book, Top Questions Divorcing Couples Ask About New Jersey Bankruptcy.

Want to look into it further and see if bankruptcy might help you in your divorce?  Then call my office at 856-432-4113 or contact me through this site for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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