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People are graduating from universities these days and finding themselves out of work and unable to pay back their student loans.  This is building up to a real crisis, as student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy unless the debtor can prove "undue hardship."  However, leave it to lawyers to come up with a unique solution to the problem: Sue your school for reimbursement of tuition!

The job market for lawyers has been abysmal for the past few years.  Graduates find themselves with law degrees, hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans, and no jobs in the law allowing them to earn a living to pay them.  However, many lawyers have banded together, hired counsel, and brought class action lawsuits against their legal alma mater for fraud, saying, among other things, that the employment statistics released by law school recruiters were way over inflated and misleading.

One lawyer in particular is leading the charge, having brought 14 class action lawsuits so far and has plans for more.  He is Manhattan attorney David Anziska, and he appears below on Bloomberg Law to explain his position.

Interesting approach.  What do you think?  Should law school graduates be suing for fraud?  Were they mislead?  Or are they just crybabies who knew what they were getting into?  Leave your comments below!

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