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In an effort to inform New Jerseyans of their rights against creditor harassment and the laws that protect them, I recently wrote an article on the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and explained some of its provisions.

People being called constantly by collection agencies need to know what they can do to fight back. The sad thing is that, despite the fact that this law has been in effect for decades, debt collectors still flaunt it!

Some Examples

These companies routinely pay lip service at best to these regulations.  Some interesting example and points are:

  • Debt collectors are constantly making calls, because it may well take as many as 100 calls to get one payment of money, so don't expect them to let up.
  • Collectors routinely make threats to debtors to elicit a payment, such as accusing them of credit card fraud by posing as a fraud investigator, implying that you have committed a criminal act.
  • Compliance departments of collection agencies are often nothing more than facades that turn a blind eye to abuses committed by employees.
  • The end of the month is the best time to make a payment deal, as the collectors are often scrambling to make their bonuses.
  • Telling the collector that you are recording the conversation (and actually doing it) can be the best way to get the collector to behave himself.

One cannot assume that collection agencies are going to play by the rules, or even care about them. Know your rights and stick by them.

Some Help and Free Info

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