A college education these days is expensive, no doubt about it. Parents struggle to save enough as their children grow up, but it is often not enough. Federal loans through Perkins and Stafford are great, and are based on financial need, not credit, but many times they are not enough. How do you bridge the gap?

The unfortunate part is that many parents turn to private loans to make up the difference. There they meet up with stricter credit requirements, often higher interest rates, and rigid repayment terms. The better alternative is a federal Parent PLUS loan.

Easier Credit and Interest Rates

As its name implies, a PLUS loan is designed to add on to your child's Stafford and Perkins loans to fill the gap. However, your creditworthiness does play a roll, although not nearly as strict as for a private loan.

In fact, financial aid officers have the power to override credit issues if the situation warrants it. A co-signer (not your child) may, or may not, be needed, as credit warrants. As to the interest rate, it is currently fixed at 7.9%.

Better Repayment Plans

Repayment of a Parent PLUS loan is more flexible than a private loan, which typically only offers a fixed, amortized monthly payment over a 20 year repayment term. PLUS loans can use the following repayment plans:

No Cap on Loan Amount

Another advantage is that they are not capped in amount for the year of school enrollment, unlike Stafford loans. The amount available is the cost of attendance at the school less any other awarded financial aid.

So as you can see, if you are looking for a way to make up for the shortfall in the cost of your child's education, you should look to a Parent PLUS loan first. It is, overall, a better bet.

More Information

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