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Does New Jersey's New Law Really Help the Unemployed?

Steven J. Richardson
Bankruptcy, Collections, Student Loan, DUI and Traffic Court attorney in Woodbury, NJ.
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I recently posted an article talking about a new law being enacted in New Jersey that prevents an employer from posting an ad or job listing that includes:
  1. Any provision stating that the qualifications for a job include current employment;
  2. Any provision stating that the employer or employer's agent, representative, or designee will not consider or review an application for employment submitted by any job applicant currently unemployed; or
  3. Any provision stating that the employer or employer's agent, representative, or designee will only consider or review applications for employment submitted by job applicants who are currently employed.
Since doing so, I have been giving it a lot of thought, and am wondering whether this law will have any particular effect, as a practical matter.  After all, the law only prevents employers from saying in job postings that "the unemployed need not apply."  So what?  So the employers will just delete this type of language from ads and postings, while still carrying out this policy "under the radar."

In a recent discussion thread on LinkedIn, this law has been called "feel-good legislation," meant to be a "look what I did for you" talking point for politicians running for re-election, and merely a Band-Aid on the problem.  I think the law needs to go further, as the proposed federal legislation mentioned in my post does.  The unemployed need to be a "protected class" under discrimination laws.  What do you think?  Does this law help or not go far enough?  Please leave your thoughts in the Comments.
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