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Bankruptcy, Collections, Student Loan, DUI and Traffic Court attorney in Woodbury, NJ.

Anyone who has visited my web site knows that I provide lots of answers to questions on bankruptcy, student loans, and matters involving New Jersey DUI and traffic court.  My site currently has over 500 pages of content and dozens of videos that try to get you the information you are looking for.

But those are on topics and questions I think up.  Those looking for more information often call to consult with me.  But what if you could ask a question, and I would produce a video just for you to answer it?  How awesome would that be?

Well, that is just what I am going to do!  On April 25, at 5pm EDT, I will broadcast live from my YouTube channel at, and answer questions on bankruptcy submitted by you.  If you have other plans, don't worry; I'll DVR it for you.  Just visit the channel, and a recording of the show will be there.

How do you submit the questions?  Easy!  Just leave a comment to this blog post, Tweet it to @sjrlaw using the hashtag #BankruptcyChat, post it on my Facebook Wall or Google+ page, or just e-mail it to [email protected].

But wait; there's more!  I plan on doing this every month with different topics!  May will be student loan questions, and June will be either traffic court or collections.  Keep an eye out on this site, or better yet subscribe to my YouTube channel, to find out about future episodes.  I hope to hear from you!

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