When we spoke on the phone and scheduled the consultation, I indicated that you needed to bring with you certain information to help me give you the best legal opinion I could on whether bankruptcy is right for you.  That information is as follows:

  1. Monthly Expense Sheet (Print and Fill Out)
  2. Copies of Paystubs Representing your Average Monthly Income
  3. Questionnaire (Print and Fill Out)
  4. Valuation of Vehicles (Fill Out and Print a trade-in Value for Each Car)
  5. Valuation of Home
  6. Principal Balance(s) on Mortgage(s) (Usually found on monthly statement)

If you have any questions about any of these items, please call me. If you are unable to get this all together prior to our meeting, please let me know, and we can reschedule. I look forward to meeting you!

Steven J. Richardson
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Bankruptcy, Collections, Student Loan, DUI and Traffic Court attorney in Woodbury, NJ.