Many of us here in New Jersey (and, in fact, across the country) are following the case of 18-year-old Rachel Canning, who is suing her parents for support after leaving (or being forced to leave) her parents' home and live with a friend, while still a senior in high school.

She says she wants them to take care of an outstanding $5,306 Morris Catholic tuition bill, pay her current living and transportation expenses, and free up her existing college fund, as she’s already been accepted to several universities.  Oh, and she wants them to pay her $12,000+ legal bill!

The question becomes to what extent her parents are still responsible for her expenses, even though she is no longer living with them.  The judge last Tuesday denied Ms. Canning emergent relief, pending a full hearing in April, but his demeanor indicated that he was not sympathetic to her cause.  If the judge doesn't order support, what happens to her regarding financial aid? Find out more!

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