There is no question that filing bankruptcy can help to simplify your New Jersey divorce in that it can wipe out marital debt. But when it comes to secured debt (money owed where the creditor has a lien on marital property to secure payment) the debt melody can linger on way past the end of the bankruptcy.

This happens when one spouse takes out a loan and offers a marital asset, like a home or a vehicle, as collateral. The loan is only in the name of that one spouse, but there is a secured lien on the asset. This creates a problem when it comes time for the equitable distribution of the assets.

For example, let's say you took out a loan or line of credit for your business and offered your home as collateral. Everything is fine until your spouse files for divorce and wants the house. You file for bankruptcy (because maybe the business isn't doing so well and you are broke), but the mortgage lien is still there.

If you just deed the property over to her in the divorce, she could end up having to pay the loan (or lose the house) because the lien travels with the land. You could sell it so she can get her equity, but then your wife doesn't get the house.

You need to have a good bankruptcy strategy in place that works hand in glove with your divorce strategy on equitable distribution. This involves talking to a bankruptcy lawyer and giving him or her a thorough rundown of all of your debt, assets, and whether any assets have been offered as collateral on a debt. It would also help if you advised of any agreed-upon terms as to distribution of any assets that are subject to liens.

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