In this video, New Jersey bankruptcy attorney Steven J. Richardson explains why you are probably not at risk for losing your home upon filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, every homeowner’s situation is different. To find out the exact answer for your specific situation, you will need to have a liquidation analysis performed. Watch this video to find out more. In today’s market, most people owe more than what their houses are worth. If this sounds like you, then filing a Chapter 7 is not a risk. If you are contemplating a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is wise to have an experienced New Jersey bankruptcy attorney review your appraisal, mortgage payoff, and other miscellaneous figures to analyze your entire situation. Do not let the fear of losing your home keep you from filing a bankruptcy. Call the Law Offices of Steven J. Richardson and sit down with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney. We will provide you with a liquidation analysis and let you know your options. Call a New Jersey BK attorney at (856) 686-9910 to discuss your bankruptcy, or visit our website at to view our free informative resources.
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