Posted on Oct 30, 2009
Better make sure that your car has its snow brush, scraper, and de-icing spray ready to go this winter!  On October 20, Governor Corzine signed into law some amendments to New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Code that will create a new offense of operating a motor vehicle with accumulated snow or ice . This includes all areas of the vehicle, such as hood, trunk, windows and windshield. Police are now able to stop vehicles with accumulated snow and ice that are being operated on a street or highway when the officer feels that the vehicle poses a danger to persons or property.  We have all seen situations while driving in winter where cars piled with snow have had chunks break off and fly through the air, so this law is definitely aimed at a serious hazard.  Although it doesn't carry any points, there is a daily fine of between $25 and $75.  Drive safely!
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