It's bad enough to have to struggle with tens of thousands (or more) in New Jersey CLASS student loan debt from HESAA, but defaulting on them and getting a letter in the mail demanding payment in full can wreck your whole week! Now your credit is trashed, and you face a lawsuit and judgment, along with the bank levies and wage garnishments that go with it.

But actually, that's good news.

Default on a HESAA Loan Is GOOD News?

Wait, what? Having to pay all of it now and being sued by HESAA is good? Yes, believe it or not, it is.

Prior to default, you probably tried to work things out with them, maybe get a lower payment or adjust the interest rate. Maybe get something that tracks with your income. But they said no and demanded the full monthly payment.

But now you got that letter from Schachter Portnoy or John Grogan (or some other law firm) that says you're in default. What you don't know is, that HESAA came out with payment guidelines before the pandemic that allow borrowers to pay much less per month on defaulted loans, and even have the default removed from their credit after they make 9 payments!

Time to Make a Deal! Now!

Surprisingly, those folks at HESAA that wouldn't help you have been replaced with a lawyer that will! People with $75,000 in loan balances, for example, can possibly have the payment lowered to under $225 per month under the guidelines as of May of 2023.

I have been successful in getting deals like this for lots of folks facing suit by HESAA. But even though these payment plans are possible, they are much better if they are agreed to before HESAA gets a judgment against you. If it isn't, and there's a judgment, you could face a problem selling your home (they'll record the judgment as a lien) or buying a home!

Don't let that happen! Take action now!

Put Me to Work For You!

If you have received a letter or a lawsuit by a HESAA lawyer, realize that you have to take action immediately to protect your financial freedom, and are ready to take that action, then click on this link to schedule a free, no obligation call with my office to discuss your case. The sooner you retain me, the sooner you will be able to breathe easily again!

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