Our New Jersey Traffic Court Lawyer Explains the SLAP Program as an Alternative to Jail

If you are at risk of jail time in New Jersey and a municipal court judge is presiding over your case, there's another option available: the Sheriff's Labor Assistance Program (SLAP). This program is a community-oriented correctional alternative that offers a way to avoid imprisonment.

Individuals who are sentenced to SLAP engage in various manual labor tasks as an alternative to incarceration. This arrangement allows them to keep their jobs and support their families while fulfilling their sentence obligations. As a New Jersey traffic court lawyer, I can help you understand the requirements for SLAP and whether it is an option to consider.

Requirements for the SLAP Program

Not everyone gets into the SLAP program, though. Those that do are minor offenders with minimal or no risk to the public. Many have been convicted of driving offenses, shoplifting, criminal mischief, etc.

For more information about the SLAP program, call the sheriff's office for the county in which you were charged.

Criminal histories are checked. If you are found to have a criminal history that contains convictions for violence, drug distribution, sexual offenses, etc., you will not get in.

What Happens If You Do Get Into the SLAP Program

If you do get in, you are required to follow all rules and regulations or face having your SLAP sentence revoked. At that time, you may be required to serve the remainder of your sentence in jail.

As to the "labor" that would be done, it is non-skilled manual labor to nonprofit public and private agencies. Examples of types of work include:

  • Work at municipal recycling centers
  • Municipal road cleanup
  • Painting and landscaping

What Should You Do Before Going to Court

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