The preparation of the bankruptcy petition depends on the thorough review of key financial information. You will need to do the following:

  1. Log on to with the information I sent you in the e-mail and fill out the online questionnaire.
  2. Take a Consumer Credit Counseling Class from an Approved Vendor .
  3. Assemble Important Documents from the list that I gave you.
  4. Assemble all income records for the six months leading up to the month you expect to file the bankruptcy, which will be compared to the Median Income in New Jersey for your household size.
  5. Obtain a Valuation of All Your Vehicles (Fill Out and Print a trade-in Value for Each Car)
  6. Obtain an appraisal or comparative market analysis of your home (and any other real estate you may own).

Once you have done all of this, call my office at 856-686-9910 to schedule an appointment to meet with me .

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