Our New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer Discusses What Items to Bring to Your Initial Review

When preparing for your initial meeting with New Jersey bankruptcy lawyer Steve Richardson, there are certain essential documents that you will need to bring with you. These documents will help provide a comprehensive view of your financial status.

Six Items to Bring to Your Review

The most frequent question I get asked by clients scheduling the initial meeting is: "What do I bring with me?" The answer is that you should bring the following six items:

  1. Monthly expense sheet (Print and fill out prior to our meeting)
  2. Copies of pay stubs representing your average monthly income
  3. Questionnaire (Print and fill out prior to our meeting)
  4. Valuation of  your vehicles (Fill out and print a trade-in value for each car)
  5. Valuation of  your home
  6. The principal balance on your mortgage (This can be found on the monthly statement)

The purpose of the first meeting is to get a good overview of your financial situation so that I may determine whether bankruptcy is right for you. Each of these items provides valuable insights into your financial health, allowing me to determine the most appropriate course of action regarding bankruptcy. This preparation ensures a productive and accurate evaluation of your financial options.

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