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In New Jersey, obtaining an expungement—a legal process to remove or isolate a criminal record from public view—can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. The duration of the expungement process varies, typically taking several months. The timeline depends on the nature of the offense, the court's workload, and the completeness of the applicant's paperwork. As an expungement lawyer in New Jersey, I understand the intricate legal procedures and specific eligibility criteria involved. If you want to wipe out your criminal record and are trying to get a fresh start in life by not being weighed down by some bad decisions made in your youth, contact me for assistance.  

How Long it Takes to Get an Expungement in New Jersey

There is no set standard time frame for an expungement. How long it takes can depend on your situation and how involved your petition for expungement is. Are you trying to wipe out a conviction on a single local ordinance violation, or is it a mixed bag of local ordinances, arrests, disorderly person's offenses, and crimes?

Each of these types requires a different waiting period, and there can be limitations on how many of any one type can be expunged. Each of these types involves research into various databases to gather detailed information on each conviction or arrest that needs to be outlined in the petition.

Thus, the time involved in getting an expungement can be divided into two parts: the time needed to prepare the petition and the time required to process the expungement petition once it is filed. Thus, expunging a single local ordinance conviction would take much less time to research, prepare, file the petition, and process.

I recently handled a fairly straightforward expungement for a client. It was filed on July 16, and the order for expungement was entered on September 16, two months later. The prosecutor had no objection to the petition, so it went through on the first court date. However, the preparation process was protracted because certain necessary information needed for the court paperwork was difficult to find.

Had there been a more involved list of convictions in the petition and objections by various parties that needed to be resolved, the case would have taken longer to get to resolution.

The courts are trying to streamline and simplify the process of getting expungements, especially for minor drug offenses, but I would count on it taking 2 to 3 months to process the petition once it is filed. As to the length of the preparation process, having all the information together for your attorney to prepare the paperwork would help move things forward faster.

Don't Delay, Get Your Expungement Started Now

No matter what, if you need to get an expungement, the sooner you start, the better. Get together the information you will need and call a lawyer. An attorney knowledgeable in New Jersey's expungement laws can help navigate the legal intricacies, ensure that all necessary documents are accurately completed and filed, and represent the applicant in court if required. Additionally, a lawyer can provide valuable guidance on whether an individual's record qualifies for expungement, as certain offenses in New Jersey may not be eligible. The assistance of a lawyer increases the likelihood of a successful expungement by minimizing potential errors and legal missteps.

If you are looking to expunge some arrests and convictions in your past that occurred in the Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, or Cumberland County area, have decided that you need an expungement and are ready to take action, then click on this link to schedule a call with me. Don't let your past hold you back from a better future!

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