Our New Jersey Traffic Court Lawyer Explains How To Remove Points from Your Driving Record

In New Jersey, the accumulation of points on your driving record can have consequences all their own, including the assessment of an insurance surcharge (6 or more points) or the suspension of your driver's license (12 or more points). Therefore, keeping an eye on your abstract (driving history) and reducing the point total whenever possible is a good idea. As an experienced New Jersey traffic court lawyer, I can explain how to remove points from your driving record.

Ways to Remove Points from Your Driving Record

In New Jersey, the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) employs a point system to track violations and irresponsible driving behavior. Points are assigned to a driver's record for various traffic violations, each with a specific point value depending on the severity of the offense. For instance, speeding can result in 2 to 5 points, depending on the excess speed, while more serious offenses like reckless driving might accrue more points. Accumulating a certain number of points can lead to consequences such as higher insurance premiums, mandatory driving courses, and even the suspension of driving privileges.

Points can be removed in several ways. Here are three of them:

  1. Taking a defensive driving program offered by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission can remove two (2) points.
  2. Enrolling in a New Jersey driver program, such as a driver improvement or probationary driver program, can remove up to three (3) points.
  3. Going one year with no violations or suspensions will remove three (3) points from your record.

Removing points may also help reduce your insurance premiums, so you should talk to your agent.

Ways to Avoid Points

Being proactive, monitoring your abstract, and working to remove points can pay dividends in the long run and is well worth the time and effort. Even better, being more aware of the rules of the road to avoid the assessment of more points is a good idea. You can download my book, A Guide to Driving Legally in New Jersey and Surviving Traffic Court If You Don't, for more information. Want more details on removing points from your license? Check out Episode 38 of my Financial Freedom Podcast.

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