In New Jersey, the accumulation of points on your driving record can have consequences all their own, including the assessment of an insurance surcharge (6 or more points) or the suspension of your driver's license (12 or more points).

Therefore, keeping an eye on your abstract (your driving history) and reducing the point total whenever possible, is a good idea.  But how do you do that?

Ways to Remove Points

Points can be removed in several ways. Here are three of them:

The removal of points may also help reduce your insurance premiums, so you should talk to your agent.

Ways to Avoid Points

Being proactive, monitoring your abstract, and working to remove points can pay dividends in the long run, and thus is well worth the time and effort.

Even better, being more aware of the rules of the road to avoid the assessment of more points is a good idea.  You can do this by downloading my book, A Guide to Driving Legally in New Jersey and Surviving Traffic Court If You Don't for more information.

Want more details on removing points from your license? Check out Episode 38 of my Financial Freedom Podcast!

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