Conviction of an offense that 1) involves dishonesty or 2) "involves or touches upon" your public office or employment will result in the loss of your public sector office or job. However, there are ways of avoiding losing your job if you approach it properly when you enter a plea.

Obtain a Forfeiture Waiver

Forfeiture that would result from a plea or conviction of a disorderly, or petty disorderly, person's offense (i.e. misdemeanor) can be waived upon application to either the county prosecutor or the Attorney General.

It is not always granted, and must be based upon a showing of good cause. This must be handled carefully and done after the plea deal is made but before the plea is entered.

Plea to Another Offense

If you face a charge that involves dishonesty, such as shoplifting, then perhaps the prosecutor will agree to a plea to something like trespassing. You could also try to plea to the violation of a municipal ordinance, as that does not trigger forfeiture.

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