A NJ Student Loan Lawyer Explains Discharging NJCLASS Loans from HESAA

Having a large amount of student loan debt can weigh heavily on you. The payments are huge and unaffordable, and you don't think you will ever be able to pay them off in your lifetime. You just wish they would go away.

Although there is no magic wand in the law that will just allow you to do that, getting rid of student loan debt is possible in certain circumstances with certain types of loans. As an experienced New Jersey student loan lawyer, I understand the need for NJ CLASS loans from HESAA to be forgiven. I explain how this can happen and under what circumstances.

HESAA Student Loan Discharges

There are two types of NJCLASS loans from HESAA discharge scenarios:

  • Disability discharge. Like the federal system, if you become totally and permanently disabled, HESAA will forgive the loan. You need to fill out a form, and you must provide medical proof of a disability, but it can be done.
  • Discharge due to death. HESAA will also discharge the loan if the borrower dies. This is a bit of an extreme option, but at least the borrower's estate isn't burdened with that debt.

Discharging Student Loans in Bankruptcy

In addition, student loans may be discharged in bankruptcy. If you have a significant amount of debt aside from student loans (such as credit cards, medical bills, and personal loans), it may make sense to file bankruptcy to get rid of that debt and maybe discharge the student loans.

However, seeking student loan discharge this way is not easy or inexpensive. The burden of proof is high, and the government opposes it aggressively. But if the loan balance is high enough to warrant the expense, it may be discharged in bankruptcy.

What You Can Do

As you can see, different options are available depending on your circumstances. It isn't easy to figure out what solution is right for you. But if you live in New Jersey, I can provide a consultation to discuss your case. Please click this link to schedule an initial call and put my experience to work for you.

If you want more information about student loans, you can download my free book, I Graduated; Now What? A Guide to Dealing with Your Student Loans and Paying for Your Classes with a CLASS Loan: A Survival Guide to HESAA.

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