Yes, you can. Whether it is for undergraduate or graduate school, people borrow money to cover the cost of attendance at that school, and those costs can include many different things. A U.S. Department of Education publication, Your Federal Student Loans: Learn the Basics and Manage Your Debt states that,

"you may use the money you receive only to pay for education expenses at the school that awarded your loan. Education expenses include such school charges as tuition, room and board, fees, books, supplies, equipment, dependent child care expenses, transportation, and rental or purchase of a personal computer."

For additional information, you should talk to someone at the financial aid office at your school.

Many people think that for graduate school, housing is not included. This is not true. Sometimes the best graduate or professional school is in another state, and you will need housing and accommodations while classes are in session.

As part of your fiunancial aid plan, you should carefully consider all of the costs of attendance at that school to be sure you have enough funds to cover them. As you can see from the quote above, many different things can be considered as a part of the cost, and you don't want to miss one.

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