People make plans for payment of fines and penalties in New Jersey traffic court all the time, but then circumstances change (job loss, other pressing expenses arise) that make that plan no longer possible.

As a result, they are held in default by the courts and summoned to appear. Blowing off this default can have serious consequences, but appearing to face the music is the best policy.

The sad thing is that there are many things that the court can do to help you out if you just ask for it. Unfortunately, many people, when faced with this situation, end up hiding from it and don't work to resolve the problem!

This can result in either a summons to come to court to explain yourself to an angry judge, or worse, a bench warrant for your arrest!

Don't wait until they come for you. Contact the court and try to work something out. Chances are they will work with you to resolve the problem without a hassle.

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