Unfortunately, the answer can vary somewhat depending upon who you ask or the type of credit you are applying for.  FICO scores go from 300 to 850, but where you fall on that scale can make a big difference on what kind of interest rate you will pay or whether you will get credit at all!  Here is how the scores tend to break down:

  • 720 to 850 are considered good credit scores
  • 660 to 720 are considered average credit scores, although many consider 620 to be the low end of this range
  • 300 to 660 is considered a bad credit score

These ranges can also change with the economy, as lenders tend to have higher standards when it comes to defining "good credit."  No matter who you talk to, a score under 600 is seen to be bad credit, and anything under 620 is considered "sub-prime."

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