Most states have traffic laws that assign points to moving violations.  In New Jersey, these points can oftentimes be avoided by making an agreement with the prosecutor to plead to a violation called "Unsafe Operation," which carries no points, but does have a hefty $250 surcharge in addition to fines and costs.

A problem arises, though, if you are not a New Jersey licensed driver. There can be other consequences due to "reciprocation" of the ticket by your home state. When you are found guilty of a motor vehicle violation in a New Jersey court, that violation is reported to the state in which you hold your driver's license.

That state then enters that violation on your driving record there based on certain rules of reciprocity, because the traffic laws are not identical in all states. In this way, the consequences of a New Jersey violation may be different at home.  If your state assigns points to any moving violation, then pleading to "Unsafe Operation" in New Jersey will not do any good.

A prime example of this is where a Pennsylvania or Delaware driver gets a speeding ticket in New Jersey. In an effort to avoid points, he pleads to "Unsafe Operation." What he doesn't realize is that that violation reciprocates back home to a violation that carries points!

There are ways to address this! So, if you have received a ticket in southern New Jersey, before you plead to anything that could have serious, unforeseen consequences, you should call me as soon as possible at 856-432-4113 or contact me through this site to discuss your options. It may also be able to be resolved without you having to come to court!

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