Are you afraid that a speeding ticket might lead to big fines and points on your license? Are you facing foreclosure or overwhelming debt and worry about the future? Do you think your case is lost because you made a mistake?

Whether you are facing a traffic violation, a foreclosure or bankruptcy situation in Gloucester, Camden or surrounding counties, you are probably not looking forward to the next few weeks. You may have the unpleasant impression that things can only get worse.

You need to get your hands on practical solutions. Take some time to go over all the free, dedicated, professional information I have brought together on this website in order to help you out:

Library articles

I have numerous articles that explain legal issues, such as the huge consequential costs of traffic violations and the way to reduce or eliminate them, along with the bankruptcy procedure and its benefits: debt discharges, asset seizure exemptions, interest charges suppression, credit rehabilitation, and much more.


I maintain a frequently updated blog containing regularly posted news on recent laws and regulations, court decisions, real cases, facts and figures... These posts can be selected in relation to Traffic Court or to Bankruptcy Court.


People looking for a lawyer have questions! What is Chapter 13? Do I have to surrender all my property under Chapter 7? Can I file bankruptcy a second time? Can I get a ticket dismissed? Can I pay the fine and not be condemned? What do I do with a foreclosure notice? These and other questions are answered, regularly updated and complemented in the FAQ section.


What is the difference between Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies? How do I handle debt to friends and family? What happens to your car when you file bankruptcy? You will quickly get the picture on overwhelming debt or traffic violation topics watching these and other videos.


Before discussing your case with me, or with any person willing to help you, you should prepare your file. Whether you want to talk about a reckless driving summons, bankruptcy, or a foreclosure notice, collect all the facts and figures. My Resources Page helps you building this indispensable tool.

You still don't know if your case is worth recruiting an attorney? You may think that your case is lost and that there is nothing to be gained in or out of court. Or that a lawyer is going to cost far more than his added value. You may ask yourself: who is the right lawyer for me? If you were to handle the case on your own, you could possibly do an excellent job. But it could also go horribly wrong.

Examples of costly Bankruptcy mistakes

  • Raiding your 401K funds to pay harassing creditors: Under a bankruptcy filing these funds can't be touched and your creditors will have to stop all collection action.
  • Short selling your house in a depressed market: Under a Chapter 13 filing you may gain up to 5 years time to pay your mortgage loan arrears and other debts, suppressing penalties and most of the interest charges. You can also avoid potential tax liabilities if the property you sell is not your residence.
  • Transferring assets to friends or family: This would be considered fraudulent and prevent you from filing bankruptcy in order to protect assets and discharge debts.

Examples of costly Traffic Court mistakes

  • Paying a ticket without a fight when you have reached the points threshold: The consequence can be a significant increase of your insurance premium, court fines, New Jersey state surcharges, and possibly a license suspension or jail term. A disaster out of proportion to the committed offense.
  • Paying a traffic violation fine which can be avoided: Paying automatically condemns you, which might have unpleasant repercussions in the future. You could be giving up valid defenses, or the state may not have the evidence it needs to prove its case.
  • Pleading guilty when it can expose you to other civil liabilities: Did you know that a guilty plea can be used against you in a law suit? It can! A simple procedure (link to SJR Blog post) can be used to protect you in this regard.

I can quote hundreds of other examples accumulated over close to 20 years of practice focusing on bankruptcy and traffic violation cases in New Jersey. Whether you are guilty or not, whether you made a mistake or were the victim of other people, lay out your case and I will tell you what its potential is. I know the players, the economic motives, the ever changing laws, the people and the processes to resolve cases just like yours.

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