National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Has a Secret! Something It Doesn't Want You to Know Because It Will Keep Them From Getting Your Money!

National Collegiate Trust (NCT) wants your money!

To find out how to stop them, scroll down to the bottom!

You took out private student loans with a bank years ago to pay for your education or your child's education, but by the time you or your child graduated, the loan amount was so significant and the payments so high that you couldn't afford to make them! So you didn't make loan payments, and you went into default!

In swoops National Collegiate Trust (NCT). They bought the loan from the bank so that they could sue you because that's what they do. They buy debt at a discount, then collect at a profit! They hired a law firm that sued you, got a judgment against you, and now want to use it to reach into your pocket for your money, making your life miserable with bank levies and wage garnishments.

Most people think that there's nothing they can do. They borrow money and have to pay it back even though they can't afford to do so, and they can't wipe it out in bankruptcy. Sadly, they just give up.

But That's Only Because They Don't Know NCT's Secret

This secret is so powerful that once known, it can be used as a shield that can repel their attacks, like bank levies, wage garnishments, or even the lawsuit itself. But it is also the worst-kept secret that nobody seems to know about.

Luckily, as a New Jersey student loan lawyer, I knew about it and revealed it last year to a reporter for the New York Times! That's right, I blew the whistle on them, but even then, most folks here in New Jersey still don't know about it. Telling NCT that you know the secret could potentially make the whole claim go away!

Wait, What? A Secret That, if Known, Can Make a 5-Figure+ Loan Go Away? That Can't Be True!

I don't blame you for being skeptical. Skepticism is reasonable here. I'd be skeptical, too, if some lawyer I'd never heard of before told me on the internet that he could make my student loan go away. It sounds too much like a late-night TV infomercial! But the secret is something simple and based on a legal technicality.

This legal technicality is a doozy and one that NCT fought against tooth and nail because . . . 

It Prevents NCT From Filing Suit in New Jersey!

Yep, that's right! Under a little-known state court rule I discovered during a long career as a New Jersey collections attorney, they don't have the right to sue folks here in New Jersey to collect the defaulted student loans they bought. It doesn't change the fact that you borrowed the money and are legally obligated to pay it back, but it does prevent them from enforcing that obligation.

But They Already Sued Me and Jot a judgment. Isn't It Too Late?

Because NCT (and the lawyers they hire) know the secret and know that they lost the fight over the legal technicality, they are no longer bringing these lawsuits. But because many of these suits were brought before the fight was lost, many judgments from unchallenged lawsuits are on the books they are still trying to collect, hoping no one discovers the secret. You might be thinking that it's too late to fight it.

That's the even better news! It may not be too late! I have been successful with other clients in getting NCT to back down and make the judgment go away, and I may also be able to do the same for you. The secret is just that powerful!

What Should You Do? Act Now Before They Get Your Money!

Once they get some of your money, even knowing the secret may not be enough to get it back! Don't let that happen to you by waiting too long to call me. If you live in New Jersey, please call and have the amount of the judgment and the law firm representing NCT available to share.

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