For those in the Gloucester County, New Jersey area who suffer from the burden of overwhelming student loan debt, it can feel as though there is no end in sight. You are struggling to make the payments, or worse, you are in default.

You receive harassing phone calls from creditors and overdue notices in the mail. Although you have explored some repayment options, even those seem out of your reach.

In today’s troubled economy, many college graduates face this situation. You went to school in an effort to earn a good living. Although you want to be able to pay back the student loans that allowed you to get the education you need, salaries are low, and the job market is less than optimistic. This can cause you significant stress; you feel overwhelmed by the challenge of paying back your student loan debt.

Loan Consolidation Can Help!

One option used by many people who have federal loans is a consolidation. This is like a refinance, and it can help by getting you out of default or allowing you to negotiate a better repayment plan. Here are two of the circumstances where this debt relief plan may be able to help you:

1.Your current loan does not qualify for certain payment plans.

2.You have defaulted on your federal student loan and want to get out of default.

If either of these circumstances sounds similar to yours, you need the help of a student loan attorney. Through consolidation, you may be able to get you out of default on your student loans, or negotiate a better repayment plan. If you qualify for consolidation, you will benefit your immediate and long term financial status.

So What Do I Do?

If you are looking for a solution to your student loan problem and wondering if there is one, then there is a great way to find out for free! Just click here to provide me with all the details on your loans. I will then, for free and with no obligation on your part, look at your situation to see if I can provide you with a way to deal with them. If there isn't one, it didn't cost you anything. If there is, then I will contact you to schedule an analysis session with my office to lay out a plan of action.

If you would like more information about student loans, you can dowload my free book, I Graduated; Now What? A Guide to Dealing with Your Student Loans.

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