Financial Freedom Podcast Episode 115People trying to achieve personal financial freedom are often initially struggling with debt and trying to get out of a financial hole. They are getting letters from collection agencies and law firms that are demanding that the debt be paid. They have to get out of debt before they can ever hope to achieve their goal.

But people in debt, in my experience, are often dealing with collection lawsuits that result in judgments, and these judgments can be very problematic when the lawyers who obtained it start trying to enforce it. That’s why in this episode of the podcast I wanted to talk about the three biggest collection tools the lawyers have, and what you can do once they start to use them.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What an Information Subpoena Is and How to Deal with It
  • How to Fight Back When Your Bank Account is Levied
  • How to Deal with a Wage Garnishment


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