Financial Freedom Podcast Episode 104The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a huge disruption in our economy, as millions of people experience job loss or pay reduction, leading to great difficulty (or outright inability) to pay their bills. Congress responded with the CARES Act in March that gave aid in several different sectors, including student loans.

As a student loan attorney, I have been following these developments and was encouraged by the help given in that area by this legislation. But as the assistance provided in the CARES Act doesn’t solve everyone’s problems, I wanted to talk in this episode about what you need to do during the pandemic to keep your student loans on track, whether they are federal or private.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What the CARES Act covers and what it doesn't
  • How to deal with federal loans not covered by the Act
  • How to deal with your CLASS loans from HESAA
  • How to deal with your private loans


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